15 Tips To Elevate Your Marketing Strategy – Beginner Marketers’ Guide & Tools

As you journey to discover new business marketing methods, you may come across much information about digital marketing and its importance.

Human’s natural desire for change naturally made marketing strategies shift digitally. Businesses now approach customers in many ways through the internet, which made marketers look for new techniques to implement their marketing strategies online. Modern tools, like a graphic maker, became essential in growing a business through digital marketing.

Internet Live Stats show that there are over 77,000 Google searches made every second. The statistics are an affirmation of the importance of having to shift to digital forms of marketing. Since most of the market now uses the internet to find anything that they need, it is a must that you also have to build a solid online presence through digital marketing.

But first…

What is Digital Marketing?

Aside from the fact that it is dynamic and ever-changing, digital marketing is simply the process by which you try to saturate the customers with various marketing materials about your business using the internet. It refers to different online channels, such as websites, emails, and social media platforms, in marketing products and services.

The importance of digital marketing has surged in recent years, and it slowly became integral in the success of any business that wants to widen its reach. It even allows many companies to expand globally as the internet is accessible virtually anywhere in the world.

Importance of Digital Marketing

The goal of every business owner is to grow profit. Digital marketing opens up a lot of opportunities by bringing a whole new market into the picture. It plays a significant role in the success of any business, and a business may not grow if it is not involved with the internet marketing industry.

Here are the top five reasons why digital marketing is a valuable asset and is vital in business growth:

1. Reach Customers Wherever They Are

Customers are now online and are browsing the web for products and services. The Internet has grown so much that more and more people spend most of their productive time online. There are over 7.7 billion people who use the internet to make a search, post on social media, and shop online.

It is only natural for you to try building a solid online presence to be available to your customers and get more leads, wherever they may be, as long as there is an internet service.

2. Most Businesses are Already Doing It

You need to shift to digital marketing because your competition might already be doing it. You have to take advantage of everything that digital marketing offers so you would not fall behind. Just like many successful companies, you have to create your social profiles, adapt SEO practices for your website, and invest in online advertisements to compete with others.

3. Target Ideal Audience

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is that it allows you to market your business directly to people who need it most. It gives you the capability to direct leads towards your business more effectively than traditional marketing methods. It gives you a more precise option to reach the right people, thus saving time and resources.

4. Can Be Integrated to Mobile Technology.

According to a study by Pew Research Center, 96% of people in the US have a mobile phone. It has also been revealed that more than half of online purchases are made using mobile devices. Because of this rise in mobile shopping, many established companies have optimized their mobile marketing techniques. It should be beneficial for your business to do the same to reach a broader market.

It is easy to go mobile with digital marketing as most campaigns can be made mobile-friendly. A mobile-responsive site improves the overall customer experience. Website pages can be optimized for mobile viewing and transactions to ensure that they prefer your business and will not move on to another site.

5. Easy Campaign Monitoring

The problem with most traditional marketing is that it can be challenging to see how your campaigns fare. Digital marketing is a lot better because you can easily track your campaigns using a variety of metrics. You can easily track indicators to check if your campaigns are driving valuable results.

Aside from the purpose of monitoring, these metrics will give you an idea of how you can optimize your campaigns if they need improvement. Immediate changes can be done, and you can implement them right away. It gives you the convenience of spending your marketing budget more wisely since you can easily edit or make an entirely new campaign based on the metrics.

Now that you are aware of its importance, keep reading to learn how to adopt an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

15 Tips To Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

The last thing you want is to lag behind your rivals as they soar in the digital world because they are better informed. Take a look at how you can improve your marketing strategy with these tips:

  1. Consider SEO

Search engines are still on top of the list when customers want to look for anything on the internet, including products and services that they need. They consider search engines reliable sources of information, especially those that appear on top of the results. Since the algorithms constantly change, you need to dedicate time and effort to study how to make your content SEO-friendly.

To do this, you can use tools that even SEO experts use to measure up against competitors. Choosing which tool to use will depend on what you need for your site. Ahrefs, for example, is not only used to help you identify relevant keywords but will also identify which parts of your site need improvement.

  1. Quality Content Marketing.

The internet is overloaded with information that it can be difficult to identify which content matters. Ideally, content should be a balanced mix of quantity and quality, and this means that you should also ensure to post valuable, original, and appropriate content along with regular posting.

Evernote, Portent’s Content Idea Generator, and Hemingway Editor are just the many tools that can help with quality content marketing. They work in many ways, including giving witty title suggestions, correcting grammar mistakes, and improving the overall readability of your content.

  1. Be Visible in Relevant Social Media Platforms.

Anyone who shops online almost uses at least one social media site. This is why you have to try building an online presence on social media networks that your audience uses. Remember that social media should not be the sole channel to promote your business. It is only for sharing content and engaging customers to create a buzz.

There are several social media marketing tools that you can use to increase your presence. You may use Google Analytics to see relevant data, Buzzsumo to identify trending topics in your niche so you can amplify your content, and Hootsuite to manage different social media profiles in one place.

  1. Optimize Website for Mobile.

53% of global website traffic is from smartphone users. One of the ways to satisfy your audience is to give them a good mobile experience. To do this, you need to design your website to make it look nice on mobile devices. It will make the user more relaxed as they scroll through your website, giving them plenty of time to study and eventually purchase your products and services.

Several tools that will make your site mobile-friendly includes PageSpeed Insights from Google, Mobile SEO Page Analyzer from Pure Oxygen Labs, and Varvy’s Mobile SEO Issues Tool.

  1. Study the Competition.

Know what you are up against for you to make plans on how you can stand out. Use Google to search for information about your competition, including the digital marketing strategies that they use.

It is easier to use competitive analysis tools than guessing. Serpstat, SpyFu, and SEMrush are all nifty tools to identify keywords they use, backlinks analysis, and even where the competitor’s traffic is coming.

  1. Aim for Longer Blog Posts.

Blogs are still very relevant today and are very effective as a digital marketing channel. You need to know that in-depth blogs can generate up to 9x success rates in increasing the number of new customers. Blogs are also great for SEO, so your website gets to be found easily by users.

According to HubSpot, the top 50 most-read blog posts in 2019 have an average of 2,330 words. So the ideal length for blog posts should be around 2,100- 2,400 words. One great way to make your post long but still informative is by incorporating media-rich content. You can add a valuable infographic using a graphic maker and explain how it goes in your post.

  1. Know Your Audience.

It is critical to grasp who your audience is entirely, and you need to know what they need, want, like to do, and where they frequent on the internet. This information is crucial because it will help lead your digital marketing efforts. For example, if you know that most of your audience uses Facebook, steps should focus on Facebook marketing.

Tailor your marketing efforts according to your audience. Marketing analysis tools like Google Analytics will provide high-level insights to help you understand your audience.

  1. Develop Email Campaigns.

According to statistics, email marketing yields up to 4,400% Return of Interest for every $1 spent. This is very encouraging, mainly because it is relatively easy to create informative and entertaining email campaigns these days. All you need is a graphic maker, and you will have stunning content that can boost your online presence.

HubSpot, Sender, Sendinblue, SendPulse, and Omnisend are sophisticated email marketing tools to create great-looking emails from your brand.

  1. Have the Right Tools.

Contrary to what most people think, digital marketing is not only about creating marketing materials intended for social media, blogs, and website banners. It is a diverse set of strategies that are aimed at different stages of the customer buying experience.

In this note, you have to ensure that you get the right tools meant for specific purposes to maximize their benefits. Google Analytics, for example, is instrumental when it comes to analyzing both the competition and customers. Removaal.AI is great with preparing product photos, and Sendinblue has plenty of functions to improve email marketing.

  1. Create Engaging Visuals.

Nothing can go wrong with a fantastic design. An incredible design is what makes successful digital marketing. While most would say that a professional graphic designer is a must to any organization, what you need are some tools to create stunning visuals even without technical design skills.

Photoshop is a great design tool you need, but it can be expensive and complex. Pixelixe, on the other hand, is an easy-to-use tool that is great for graphics auto-generation. This graphic maker can create striking ad banners, blog images, and all different types of visuals in minutes.

  1. Invest in Digital Advertising.

Digital advertising has plenty of types, and choosing would largely depend on the type of business. Facebook Advertising, for example, will be a massive help if you want to boost your presence on Facebook.

While there is no exact tool to use for digital advertising, what you can do to make it work and have plenty of ROI is to study the channel you want to use. There are a lot of resources where you can read all about a specific digital ad type. Take banner advertising as an example.  It is a very effective and non-intrusive digital ad type, but it can only be effective if you execute an eye-catching design.

  1. Integrate Campaigns in All Channels.

It can be challenging to work on a digital marketing strategy if your audience is using multiple channels. There is a need to cover all channels, and you have to integrate your campaigns to fit the specifications of each channel.

While it may seem impossible to do, you can use cross-channel marketing tools to help you achieve digital marketing success across multiple channels. Check MailChimp, AgoraPulse, and MeetEdgar as they all work like social media analytics and content scheduler. You may also use Pixelixe’s graphic maker to automate graphics creation in formats according to specific channels.

  1. Partner with Micro-Influencers.

Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing that works great even today. If you are just starting, micro-influencers or those who only have between 1,000 and 20,000 are less expensive but still adequate for a targeted audience.

Micro-influencers are very relatable compared to more popular influencers, which makes them more credible.

  1. Monitor Analytics.

Understanding the critical elements of your website and your audience’s behavior is the key to gaining more valuable insights into digital marketing. Monitoring your metrics will help determine where you should concentrate your efforts.

Although there are plenty of other tools, Google Analytics is the preferred tool, like MixPanel, AdWords Performance Grader, and Heap Analytics.

  1. Be Flexible.

After managing and measuring your digital marketing performance, you must remain flexible. You cannot expect to have all strategies work for you, and there may be times that your methods will fail even after pouring a lot of effort into them. Instead of getting disheartened, what you must do is to find the courage to get back up and start again. Use analytics to examine what went wrong. Gather all data that can provide valuable information on your next attempt.


As you can see, brand exposure is crucial to any business. Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to ensure maximum publicity using modern methods. It opens up doors of opportunities for your business to be known even at a global level. Digital marketing will connect you to the audience, which helps increase brand awareness and engagement. It may look intimidating at first, but you have all the tools, such as a graphic maker, to create incredible campaigns.

The beauty of having various online marketing tools at your disposal is that they help you from the start to the end of your digital marketing journey. They do not only improve the aesthetics of your marketing materials, but they also ensure that your brand image stays memorable to the audience. The most important thing is to realize what each tool is for so you can fully benefit from them and gain tremendous returns from all your efforts in digital marketing.

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