How to promote podcast content like a pro : Powerful working Techniques

The popularity of podcasts has surged in the past few years. There are currently more than half of US adults who have listened at least once, and the percentage is steadily rising.

Numerous podcasts have developed huge amounts of success and importance during this time period. Finding out how these content creators operate will help you maximize the value of your own podcast.

How to promote podcast content like a pro

Based on our study of podcast success stories, we have learned the following:

First.   You Should Publish Heavily When You Are New

It takes dedication, time, and creativity to grow your podcast. Your gains will be greater over time if you’re stronger at the start.

Getting your music into iTunes’ New and Noteworthy category is a great way to get a great start. Your podcast career can immediately take off by being exposed to millions of people by making it onto this ranked list.

The catch is, however. Your podcast needs to be under 8 weeks old to qualify for the New & Noteworthy list on iTunes. After that, your content will not be able to make the list, regardless of its popularity.

Identify as many sources as possible before you launch to maximize your chances. You should release three podcasts a week following launch, and focus on releasing the best content first.

The second one.   Ensure every episode has a catchy title

You shouldn’t forget to optimize your episode titles, one of the most overlooked growth hacks. Marketing your podcast effectively starts the moment your listeners interact with your channel.

A great title should be memorable, punchy, and value-driven. Assume that you are one of your listeners. During your morning commute, you have time for one podcast, so you will choose the one with the most valuable content.

New listeners are more likely to subscribe to podcasts that present large, high-value content right from the start. You should use action verbs to drive attention to the episode’s core value and write titles that point listeners toward it.

Three.   Take advantage of your followers and guests in the right way

Inviting guests to your podcast is a solid strategy for growing your audience. However, recording interviews with guests is not enough. As well as connecting directly with your guests’ followers, you should figure out how to reach out to them.

Talk to your guests about participating in your podcast. In order to drive the value of the content you make together, what can they do to consolidate your audiences?

You can increase listening activity even by asking guests to email links to their followers. You can even reach more potential listeners by using the best email marketing software.

Four.   Create a podcast directory for your podcast

What is the best way to find podcasts that people enjoy? This question has different answers for everyone. It might not be the place you expect where people are looking for content like yours.

Using the likes of iTunes or Spotify to gain listeners is one of the biggest mistakes podcast creators make. By putting your podcast on Spotify, you allow it is millions of subscribers easy access to your content. However, it does not ensure anyone will search for it.

PodcastLand, a directory website, may be the best place to promote your podcast. PodcastLand is most valuable because it features a podcast every month, chosen by its users. Spotify or iTunes cannot provide you with this type of direct action.

Five.   Wherever Your Audience Is – Reach Out

They may be looking for your podcast in podcast directories, or they may be looking elsewhere. Spend some time integrating with a community that is responsive to your content if you can identify it.

Reddit is a good place to integrate this kind of information. You can make a podcast about pretty much anything, whether it is about cars, technology, dentistry, etc. Whatever it is, you can be sure the topic has a Reddit community. If your content has solved a problem for them or has valuable insights, offer them access to the content you have created.

Social media is the same, even though it’s an obvious step. Opportunities may also exist in less obvious niches, depending on your specific area. Take a moment to consider the types of media your audience enjoys. If you have a listener’s preferences for certain foods, music, or hobbies, you may be able to target them specifically. Any community-based opportunity for your podcast could be an entrance opportunity.

Sixth.   Identify potential sponsorships for partnerships

Your audience can be massively expanded through strategic partnerships. Identifying companies looking to sell to your audience may lead you to grow your audience by taking advantage of that interest.

Communities surround companies as well. Brands need to make content that relates to the story they want to tell their communities to reach out to them. You have a great chance of forming a partnership if your content aligns with the brand’s voice.

In exchange for social media promotion, you can provide your podcast listeners with free advertising space. You may not have a following as large as brands in your niche if you’re just starting out. Depending on how positive the word is, many of them will promote your voice.

Seven.   Reviews can be obtained through giveaways

Reviewing podcasts is crucial. You can boost the credibility of your brand by getting iTunes reviews. As a result, more viewers will become interested. It can be difficult to get reviews, however.

Users who leave podcast reviews can gain a great deal from podcast hosts who find ways to encourage them. Corporate sponsors are often willing to put up resources for giveaways, so that’s even better. It is not necessary for your giveaway to be of tremendous value, though.

Reviewers are more likely to leave a review if they receive an incentive of some sort. Ideally, you should not set conditions on how the reviews must be written – they do not all have to be positive. Participate in giveaways without interfering with their opinions.

Eight.   Audience Analysis

There are several podcast growth hacks listed above that assume you know your audience. The assumption is that you know what your listeners value, why they listen to podcasts, and what kind of information or entertainment they want from you.

It doesn’t happen by accident. As much as possible, you should analyze listener engagement and user behaviors to identify them.

Analysts generally find that Apple isn’t very good at providing analytics. While Spotify is improving, it still lacks a lot. Utilize a platform such as Cincopa to host your audio files and to capture user data as they interact with your content and use that data to generate value for your users.

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